The SoupMobile is a mobile soup kitchen that feeds and shelters the homeless. As a faith-based nonprofit, we serve over 200,000 meals per year and shelter the homeless in our 9 group homes. Our Mission Statement is three simple words spoken by Jesus: "FEED MY SHEEP".


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Meet the SoupMan

Meet the SoupMan 

His name is David Timothy, but on the streets of Dallas they call him the SoupMan! David is the founder and Executive Director of the SoupMobile. David was never homeless himself but he grew up in a home where food was scarce.

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SoupMobile Church 

In honor of Christ, the SoupMobile is building a church for the homeless in South Dallas. It will be their very own home church. A church where they will receive the call to Christ every week.

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Thrift Store.

Thrift Store 

2,000 years ago Jesus said “Feed My Sheep.” Was he thinking of a Thrift Store when he said that? We have no way of knowing for sure, but that’s exactly what the SoupMobile is doing.

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Souper 100.

Souper 100 

100 ladies who support the SoupMobile's mission of 'Feeding & Sheltering' the homeless AND are 'passionate for serving Christ.'

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SoupMobile Limelights 

The SoupMobile is soooooooooo very grateful for the amazing support we receive from our wonderful supporters.

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