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Volunteer and Help Others

2,000 years ago Jesus said "Feed My Sheep." We believe he meant more than just food.  He also meant Love, caring & compassion. As such the SoupMobile is always in need of compassionate & enthusiastic volunteers.


Volunteer Opportunities

The SoupMobile has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities and we welcome individuals, families, Church groups, businesses and other organizations.

Volunteer Food Serving.Volunteers.


Volunteers bringing sandwiches.

Volunteer Ages

To volunteer with the SoupMobile, you must be at least age 21 years of age.

However, those under the age of 21 may be able to volunteer at the SoupMobile under certain special circumstances, if they:

Please no volunteers under the age of 12 — our facility is not an appropriate place for young children and toddlers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An 'exception' to the age 12 rule is the SoupMobile's Annual Celebrate Jesus Christmas Gala. Every Christmas we take 500 homeless men, women AND children & put them up at the downtown Dallas Omni Hotel for a magical Christmas. Typically we have more than 2,000 volunteers help us at the event on Sunday December 22, 2019. Many (not all) of the Christmas volunteer slots at the Omni are 'kid' friendly and youth under age 12 are most welcome if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Official volunteer sign ups for Christmas begin on November 1st each year on our website: www.soupmobile.org

Volunteers in Kitchen.

Special Note From The SoupMan

As Executive Director & Founder of the SoupMobile I want you all to know that there is nothing fancy about the SoupMobile. We are an old fashioned, down to earth charity that has devoted itself to ‘Feeding & Sheltering’ the homeless in Dallas, Texas since 2003. We watch our pennies closely and we do NOT receive (nor do we ask for) any Federal, State or City funding. We are a true stand-alone ‘blue collar’ charity that depends on regular people like you to help fund our mission.

So while we deeply value our volunteers, it's important that you understand that we need more. I am fully aware that many people think that the giving of their volunteer time is more than enough. And for some charities that receive major federal funding, your volunteer time alone may be enough.

However, for the SoupMobile it’s a different story. We need both your volunteer help and your financial assistance. How much financial help you ask? It could be as little as One Dollar or as much as One Million Dollars or anywhere in between. All I am asking is that you recognize that for a stand-alone charity like the SoupMobile it costs real dollars to ‘Feed & Shelter’ the homeless.

So whether it's One Dollar or One Million Dollars or anywhere in between, please give prayerful consideration to both volunteering AND making a financial donation to the SoupMobile. Please also consider supporting our mission by joining the SoupMobile Dream Team for a monthly recurring donation of $5 per month. More details about the SoupMobile Dream Team can be found at: http://www.soupmobile.org/dream-team