SoupMobile FAQs


What is the SoupMobile?

The SoupMobile is a faith-based 501©(3) non-profit charity that Feeds the Homeless And Needy Children in Dallas, Texas. We were founded in 2003 on a wing and a lot of prayers.Our Mission Statement is three simple words spoken by Jesus himself more than 2,000 years ago: “FEED MY SHEEP.”


What does the SoupMobile do?


1. Feeding the Homeless: Annually we provide more than 250,000 meals to the homeless in Dallas, Texas. We are a 'mobile' soupkitchen and we take the food to the homeless in areas where they congregate.

2. Feeding Needy Children: The  SoupMobile feeds needy children in South Dallas
where 58% of the families live below the poverty line.

3. Christmas for the Homeless: The SoupMobile feeds the homeless in Dallas.
They are literally at the bottom of the food chain. Every year we pull out all the stops in our efforts to give them a magical Christmas with special gifts and a fabulous meal.

4. Christ for the Homeless: On November 1, 2015 we opened the doors to SoupMobile Church. It's a ‘one of a kind’ church on the entire planet! That’s because at SoupMobile Church the homeless are the ‘MEMBERS’ & when you and I attend we are their ‘GUESTS.’ A revolutionary concept to be sure but one that we think is long overdue. The homeless have NEVER had their own ‘home’ church---UNTIL NOW! Every Sunday at 11:00AM SoupMobile Church 2423 S. Good Latimer, Dallas, Texas 75215 is filled to capacity with our homeless members & guests from the community. The homeless have been called the largest un-evangelized population in the United States. We believe that Christ is for everyone—including the homeless! SoupMobile Church is non-denominational but 100% Jesus based. In addition to the offer of Christ every week, the church also offers a wide variety of services like job placement, counseling, housing guidance, food & clothing assistance.


Where does SoupMobile get its funding?

We get our funding from three primary sources: private donations by individuals, donations by businesses, churches and other organizations, and grants from foundations that specialize in homeless issues. You can get all of SoupMobile’s financial information including tax returns on our Financial's page. 


Can I donate to SoupMobile?

It's a simple truth that good works don't come free. Just like any other charity the SoupMobile needs your financial support to serve the homeless and needy children---the ones Jesus calls the 'least of these.' Because the SoupMoble is a registered non-profit charity, all of your donations are tax deductible. More details on how you can help the SoupMobile financially can be found on our DONATE page.


Click this link to donate your vehicle, including most boats, motorcycles, trucks & cars.


Can I volunteer with SoupMobile?

Volunteers are the heart & soul of the SoupMobile. Throughout the year the SoupMobile is blessed by many individuals, families, groups, organizations, businesses and Churches that come and volunteer with us. To learn more about volunteering with the SoupMobile, visit our VOLUNTEER page. 


In recent years there has been a lot of negative information about
fly by night, unreliable, untrustworthy, and dishonest entities.
Issues like fraud, embezzlement, misspending, diversion of
donations, big shots staying in penthouse suites and driving
fancy cars. Why should I give to the SoupMobile?

If you have any doubts about the SoupMobile, please do NOT give to us. However let me tell you a few things that may ease your mind. The SoupMobile is an open book. We are committed to being transparent and open to you. One way we do this is to post every single tax return that the SoupMobile has filed since 2003 on our SoupMobile website. You can see all of these documents on our Financials page. And let me tell you that the IRS asks for a lot of information on those tax returns. At the click of a button you can look at our innermost finances by reviewing those tax returns. We have nothing to hide!


Why did the SoupMan - David Timothy, the founder of SoupMobile - devote his life to feeding the homeless & needy children?

Because the SoupMan grew up in a home where food was scarce. As a child he experienced hunger first hand and also the fear of not knowing if there would be a next meal. Although he was never homeless, that childhood of hunger gave the SoupMan an incredible compassion for the homeless and needy children who struggle to find food every day. You can read more about how the SoupMobile came to be and how David Timothy became the SoupMan in his book titled “He Ain't no Billy Graham!” This book and other publications are available on our Shop Page