Mission #2

Sheltering the Homeless


The SoupMobile Shelter  program is specifically designed to help address the homeless problem in Dallas, Texas. In the Dallas area alone there are estimated to be up to 10,000 homeless individuals. Even more tragic is that one out of four homeless is a Veteran. With only 2,500 shelter beds available on any given night, simple math tells us there is not enough ‘Room at the Inn.’

As such the SoupMobile Shelter program is NOT a one size fits all program. In fact our shelter program has many facets including:

Typically on any given night we have from 15 to 25 individuals taking advantage of our housing services!

PERSONAL NOTE FROM THE SOUPMAN: As the Executive Director of the SoupMobile since 2003, I am reminded every day that 'Good Works Don't Come Free.' No matter how you slice the cake it takes real dollars & cents to shelter the homeless. We want you to know that the SoupMobile does not receive (nor do we ask for) any City, State or Federal funding. We are based on the old fashioned church modeled during the time that Jesus walked the earth. We depend on regular people like you to help fund our mission of 'Feeding HIS Sheep'.

Please click here if you would like to make an online donation to the SoupMobile Shelter program. Also checks can be mailed to: SoupMobile 2423 S. Good Latimer Dallas, Texas 75215

For more details email David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan at: david@soupmobile.org.

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