The SoupMobile Trolley is the 

only Prayer Trolley on the Planet and

it serves #3 key functions.


1. PRAYER: Volunteers ride on the Trolley & go to locations where the homeless are & we pray for and with them ‘one on one’ up close & personal.

2. FOOD: Volunteers ride on the Trolley & feed the homeless.

3. SAVE LIVES: The Trolley also serves as a mobile ‘warming station’ for the homeless when bitter winter weather hits Dallas.


Question: SoupMan, are you saying you really have an actual Trolley? Really, for real???

Answer: You better believe it Baby!  God parted the Red Sea (again) & we have a real live Trolley. See the pictures at the top of this page.

Question: SoupMan, are you saying you have a road show featuring Christ himself? And volunteers get to ride on the Trolley and feed the homeless & pray with them up close & personal? And we will save lives with a mobile warming station?

Answer: You got it Grasshopper!

Question: Will I get extra Heaven Points if I make a donation to support the Trolley and it's ongoing mission?

Answer: The SoupMan says he can't promise extra Heaven Points but acknowledges that it takes real dollars & cents to run the Trolley and he would be beyond grateful for any financial support you could send our way!

Question: Who's going to drive the SoupMobile Prayer Team Trolley?

Answer: The SoupMan--duh!!!

Question: Can I ride shotgun?

Answer: Sorry but that position is already taken by Jesus! However, you do get to ride inside the trolley. How cool is that!!! Hey, be honest, you always wanted to be one of the cool kids!

Question: SoupMan, a Trolley? Like wow, really??? Are you crazy?

Answer:  Yes, I am totally, completely, absolutely, entirely, fully, unconditionally, wholeheartedly, head over heels & hook line & sinker crazyabout Christ!

Question: Golly gee SoupMan, this is heavy duty stuff. What if I have more questions about the SoupMobile Prayer Trolley?

Answer: No worries Grasshopper, just send an email to: David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan at: