It's no secret that Texas has been hit by one of the worst winter storms in the past 100 years.

By God's grace we were able to remain open every day throughout the storm and continued our mission to feed the homeless AND needy children!
However SoupMobile Church was NOT spared from the carnage of the storm!  Wednesday night (February 17th) the pipes froze/burst inside the church and the water damage was extensive.
We aren't complaining or whining. We know many people suffered during this storm as they struggled without heat in the bitter cold. Many people had accidents & were injured driving on icy roads---some even died. Others suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in their homes. Many were sent to hospitals and some of them did not survive.
Thankfully the temperatures are rising but for us the long road of cleanup/repair work at SoupMobile Church begins. Insurance will cover some of the expense but not all. We are setting up a fund if you would like to help.However I don't want you to lose one minute of sleep if you can't help. We know you took your own hit during this winter storm. If that's the case then we would be honored just to have you keep SoupMobile Church in your prayers.
I want to give!*




If you would like to make a donation using a Check or Money order,
please make it payable to: SoupMobile Inc.
Mail to:
SoupMobile Inc.
Attn: SoupMan
2490 Coombs St.
Dallas, Texas 75215

(Please note that all donations are tax deductible)


* Important note: We don't know much money will actually be donated to the church frozen pipe/repair fund. However we make this promise to you. If it's more than we need, anything over that amount will go for our church missions. We will NOT use any of the funds for other purposes.