SoupMobile Church FAQ’s

When did SoupMobile Church open & is it really the ‘home’ church for the homeless in Dallas, Texas?

SoupMobile Church is located at 2423 S. Good Latimer Expy Dallas, Texas 75215. It officially opened on November 1, 2015 and yes it’s the ‘home’ church for the homeless in Dallas. Every Sunday the homeless flock to SoupMobile Church.


What's the denomination of SoupMobile Church?

It's 100% non-denominational, but 100% Jesus based.


Why did you spend money to build SoupMobile Church for the homeless when the Dallas/Fort Worth area already has hundreds, if not thousands of churches?

Point well taken! There are lots of churches in the Dallas area. Wonderful churches in Dallas, Highland Park, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, and many more cities. However, if you are homeless, you don't have the transportation to get to those places. The homeless need their own home church in their neck of the woods. Beyond that, it’s so meaningful that the homeless have a church they can call their own!


Why did you spend money for a Church, when the homeless need so much more?

It all comes down to what you rate as important. Yes, the homeless have many needs but at the SoupMobile we are rating access to Christ as their No.# 1 need. Hmm, now that we think about it, we rate Christ as the No.#1 need of everyone!


Hey SoupMobile, why don't you stick to what you already do best, which is feeding the homeless?

At the SoupMobile we’ve fed the homeless since 2003 (and will continue to do so), but we always felt that something was missing. As important as feeding their bodies is, we feel it’s even more crucial to feed their souls.


Do you have your own Pastor at SoupMobile Church?

Indeed, we do! Pastor David Timothy leads our church but he says “That he really leads by following Christ.” Pastor Mike Hubacek & Pastor Stephen Wanless serve as Associate Pastors of SoupMobile Church.


Can anyone attend SoupMobile Church or is it just for the homeless?

Everyone is welcome at the church. Rich, poor, middle class and yes, the homeless. Services are every Sunday at 9:00AM. Did we mention that all are welcome!


Final question SoupMan? Are you crazy? We all know you started the SoupMobile in 2003 on a wing and a whole lot of prayers; then over the years you've expanded your mission to feed even more homeless men and women as well as needy children living in South Dallas. Beyond that you built a Food Pantry and your SoupTeam continues to push the envelope on finding new ways to 'Feed HIS Sheep.' I know all of the above has worked out pretty good but now you’re pushing your luck with SoupMobile Church. I repeat, are you crazy?

Yes, indeed we are totally, completely, absolutely, entirely, fully, unconditionally, thoroughly, and wholeheartedly ‘crazy’ about Christ!


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