Meaningful Relationship with the SoupMobile

Since 2003 the SoupMobile has been laser like focused on serving the homeless AND needy children in Dallas, Texas. Over the years we’ve been blessed by the service of more than 30,000 volunteers. The question we are most asked by those volunteers is what do we need?  The simple answer is that we are looking for ‘meaningful relationships.’

First & foremost please understand that while we deeply value our volunteers, we are humbly asking for more. We are fully aware that many people think that the giving of their volunteer time is more than enough. And for some charities that receive major federal funding, your volunteer time alone may indeed be enough. However the SoupMobile is modeled on the early church when Jesus walked the earth. We watch our pennies closely and we do NOT receive (nor do we ask for) any Federal, State or City funding. We are a true stand-alone ‘blue collar’ charity.

So what do we need? We are looking for ‘meaningful relationships’ that go beyond your volunteer time. What might that relationship look like? In truth it all depends on your resources. For some people that relationship might mean their volunteer time plus they do a clothing drive for the SoupMobile. For others it may be a canned food drive or a penny drive. Some volunteers bless the SoupMobile with their own special skill set. For example we’ve had auto mechanics work on our fleet, computer whizzes help us with our tech needs & handymen (& women) help us repair our facility. Others might bless the SoupMobile with fundraising campaigns for our special projects. Only you know what you could best offer.  And of course it’s a truth that ‘Good Works’ don’t come free. It takes real dollars and cents to run a charity. So while a ‘meaningful relationship’ doesn’t have to include money, it does take money to serve the homeless. If you have been financially blessed by the Lord we ask you to prayerfully consider if you would be willing to pass on some of that financial blessing to the SoupMobile. However we want to stress that it's not all about money and many of the SoupMobile's 'meaningful relationships' do NOT revolve around finances.

Our hope is that you will give prayerful consideration to both volunteering AND partnering with the SoupMobile in a meaningful way.

If you are looking for more details or perhaps you have some thoughts/suggestions/ideas on what a ‘meaningful relationship’ might look like between you and the SoupMobile, simply email the SoupMan at:  Thank you & God bless you!

David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan
Executive Director & Founder---SoupMobile Inc                                                        

Pastor—SoupMobile Church
2490 Coombs St. Dallas, Texas 75215

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SoupMobile Motto: Only a Life Lived for others is a Life Worthwhile!