SoupMobile---Christmas Shoe Boxes!!!


Christmas is just around the corner and the SoupMobile is carrying on
its annual tradition of offering Christmas gifts to thousands of homeless
men & women in the Dallas area.

You and your family, but also your church, your school, your business
and your favorite organizations are invited to fill shoe boxes with
inexpensive items that will bless the lives of the homeless living on the
streets of Dallas this winter.


Here are just a few steps/suggestions as a guide:

Use an empty shoe box, but you can also use plastic boxes or other types
of boxes if you cannot find regular shoe boxes. Please only use boxes
that have a separate bottom and lid, and please wrap the lid and the box
separately. Use a ribbon to wrap around the entire box to secure
the lid to the box.

Most boxes will be generic and will have items that can be used by a Male or Female. However if you choose to make up a box specifically for a Female, please use a black marker and put a big F on the lid of the box so we can set it aside for homeless women.

Fill the box with a variety of small, inexpensive items
such as:


Deliver the boxes to: SoupMobile Church 2423 S. Good Latimer,
Dallas, Texas 75215
any Monday thru Saturday between 8am and
11am from Friday November 1st thru Friday December 13th, 2019.



Our goal is to collect 10,000 ShoeBoxes. With your kind & generous
help, the SoupMan & his fabulous SoupTeam will help make it a special Christmas for thousands of homeless men & women.

Questions or comments can be directed to David Timothy, a.k.a. the SoupMan at or by phone at (214) 655-6396.