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I’ve had this chair since the inception of the SoupMobile in 2003. It was used when I first got it and even then it had some wear and tear. At the time it was all we could afford. Over the years that chair has weathered even more and is now covered in duct tape to hold it all together. Yep, you heard right---Duct Tape! Actually quite a bit of duct tape! Over the years I can’t tell you how many people have offered to buy me a new chair. Lots of people! And while I am very grateful for their generous offers, I have gently and kindly turned them all down.

Why, you might ask? After all, I am the Executive Director of a fairly substantial charity and I’m guessing I may be the only Executive Director on the planet to have his/her office chair held together by duct tape. The answer is twofold. First the chair is actually quite comfortable. I like the chair! But the real reason I have turned down all offers for a new chair—which I’m sure would also be quite comfortable, is because that duct taped chair keeps me humble. Every day when I come into the office and sit down in that chair it reminds me that ‘I’m not so hot.’ Yes, the chair is a daily reminder that even though God lets me be the Executive Director of the SoupMobile, HE is the one that makes it all happen. HE is the one who continually parts the Red Sea for the SoupMobile. HE is the one who sent his son Jesus that ‘we would have life and have it more abundantly.’

I ‘get it’ that we are the ‘hands & the feet’ on this earth doing HIS work, but let’s face it, HE is the one who makes it all happen.

So if you happen to be going by my office and notice the old chair with all the duct tape, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT buy me a new chair. If you do I will just donate it to someone else. Finally, did I mention DO NOT buy me a new chair!!!

Now if you want to buy me a Rolls Royce, let’s talk!!!


Signed, David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan