The SoupMan is Looking For $1 Million


A personal message from the SoupMan

Some people might think I'm kidding by putting a category on the Donation Page asking for a donation of One Million Dollars — I'm NOT!!! Jesus said 'Feed MY Sheep.' At the SoupMobile we are doing just that. We are feeding HIS sheep with food, love, caring, compassion, and shelter.

I know that most of the people out there do not have the resources to donate One Million Dollars to the SoupMobile to help me 'Feed HIS Sheep.' But a few of you do. Some of you could pull out your checkbook and write out a check for 1 Million Dollars as easily as I could pull out mine and write a check for $100.

What would it take for you to write out that check for 1 million? Would you do it if Jesus asked? In this case its the SoupMan asking. I don't pretend that I am asking 'for' Jesus. However I am stepping out in faith and asking so I can do more of what the SoupMobile does best — Feed HIS Sheep.

Not that it should matter, but your One Million Dollar donation is tax deductible. However if you have the financial resources to write out a check for that amount I'm guessing the tax deduction is not what is really driving your decision. What may be driving your decision is what drives me everyday. That one day when I stand before the Lord He will say to me, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Do you have the resources to write me a check for 1 Million Dollars? If so my prayer is that you will pull out your checkbook and with joy in your heart write out a check to the SoupMobile for 1 Million Dollars and help me 'Feed HIS Sheep.'

May the Lord bless & keep you & yours.


David Timothy, a.k.a. The SoupMan