Homeless treated to feast

by Lon Ricker   Dec 14, 2012

   Two thousand years ago, there was no room at the inn. We can’t change what happened back then, but we can do something about what will happen in 2012. Every year in an event called Celebrate Jesus, the SoupMobile gives 500 homeless men, women and children a magical Christmas.

“Celebrate Jesus is a one-of-a-kind event that is an extension of the work we do daily to feed more than 200,000 homeless each year,” SoupMobile Founder David Timothy (aka SoupMan) said. “We give them a truly magical Christmas. They all receive new clothes, fabulous gifts, lots of love, and we throw a huge banquet for them and in their honor,” Timothy added. “But most important is that when they wake up on Christmas morning, it’s in a warm, safe bed at the hotel.” Additionally, more than 2,000 local, civic and business leaders and SoupMobile volunteers will come together to make the holiday special for many people who might not otherwise have a meal or shelter.

Monday, Dec. 24 at 9 a.m., guests will arrive at the Omni Hotel greeted by hundreds of well-wishers cheering them on as they walk the red carpet with the theme from “Rocky” (the SoupMan’s signature song) blaring in the background. Guests will attend a lunch-time banquet in the Dallas Ballroom at the Omni held in their honor. Maitre’ Ds - Men in Tuxedos and Ladies in their finest Christmas ensembles, are assigned to a table of 10 homeless guests. In addition to serving the elegant dinner, they are tasked with treating their homeless guests like Kings and Queens. Entertainment will be provided by the acclaimed Dallas Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet.

Many companies have already committed to partner with the SoupMobile to help provide a magical Christmas to our 500 homeless guests. These include Pinnacle Realty, Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Williams Fried Chicken, The Penick Family, Bamboo Realty, Pizza Hut, The Dallas Symphony Association, Southwest Airlines, The Dallas Morning News, JIV Daya Foundation, Amy Simmons, The Dallas Stars and Jana and Larry Long.

However, more sponsorship is still needed. For more information about becoming a Sponsor please contact, Lon Ricker, Director of Development and Chairman of the 8th Annual Celebrate Jesus Christmas Event. Phone: 800-375-5022. Email: david@SoupMobile.org. Founded in 2003 by David Timothy, the SoupMobile is a non-profit mobile soup kitchen that delivers meals to Dallas homeless Monday through Friday in rain, sleet or snow.