Pennies from Heaven




Do a Penny Drive for the SoupMobile


The SoupMobile is making a real difference in the lives of the ones Jesus calls the ‘least of these.’ As such we serve more than 250,000 meals per year to the homeless in the Dallas area. We also house the homeless in our shelter program. And every Christmas we give 500 homeless men, women and children the most    

magical Christmas of their lives when we put them up for Christmas at the spectacular downtown Dallas Omni Hotel. Most recently, on November 1, 2015 we opened the doors to SoupMobile Church. It's the 'home' church for the homeless in Dallas, Texas and is laser-like focused on bringing Christ to the homeless.

We want you to know that the SoupMobile does not receive (nor do we ask for) any City, State or Federal funding. We are based on the old fashioned church modeled during the time Jesus walked the earth. We depend on regular people like you to help fund our mission of 'Feeding His Sheep'.

As such we want your Pennies! Yes you heard right, we want your Pennies! Oh I know what you are thinking. Pennies can’t make much of a difference in helping the homeless. Well you would be surprised at how quickly pennies do add up. Please give prayerful consideration to doing a Penny Drive for the SoupMobile. This is a great activity for companies, churches, schools, organizations, clubs, friends, families & individuals.

Was Jesus thinking of pennies 2,000 years ago when he said ‘Feed My Sheep?’ Well we can’t be sure but I’m thinking he would give his blessing to your efforts to collect pennies for the SoupMobile. Still not sure???  For more details email the SoupMan at david@soupmobile.org

May the Lord bless & keep you all.

David Timothy, a.k.a. SoupMan
Executive Director & Founder---SoupMobile Inc
3017 Commerce St.
Dallas, Texas 75226

Phone: 214-655-6396
E-Mail: david@soupmobile.org or davidtimothy@aol.com

SoupMobile Motto: Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile!