Meet the SoupMan

  • David Timothy a.k.a SoupMan and his wife Shana Timothy a.k.a SoupGirl

David Timothy’s background:

  • Was born in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Was a member of his high school debate team.
  • Tried out for the baseball team but his coach said although he had a lot of heart, he was a slow runner with a weak bat and a poor glove. David's baseball career was very brief!

His college years:

  • Attended Western Michigan University where he was an active member of the debate team.
  • Although still recovering from his high school baseball fiasco, remained active in interfraternal sports including track, basketball and wrestling (however he did not play baseball).
  • Graduated from W.M.U. in 1970.

His business career:

  • For many years David has had a fulfilling career in the field of insurance where he specialized in pension organization.

His Backstory:

  • David was never homeless himself, but he grew up in a home where food was scarce and he experienced hunger first hand. This has given him a tremendous compassion for the homeless and their daily struggles to find food to eat. So on a wing and a prayer(s) he started the SoupMobile in 2003. In that first year the SoupMobile served 5,000 meals. Today it provides more than 250,000 meals per year to the homeless in Dallas, Texas.

His Passion:

  • A.  Jesus
  • B.  His amazing wife Shana
  • C.  Motown
  • D.  His 1957 Nash Metropolitan

His favorite movie:

  • Rocky. Because overcoming impossible odds, Rocky triumphed over his circumstances and became heavyweight champion of the world!

It's a story of hope.
It's a story of courage.
It's the story of one man beating the odds and making it to the top.

David believes that there's a little bit of Rocky in all of us. He believes that in each one of us resides the spirit and the passion to triumph and be the champion of our own lives!

His favorite soup:

  • Tomato